What is Z-Post?

If you’re looking for a fence that’s easy to install, whether you’re a seasoned fence contractor, or a do-it-yourself homeowner looking to make some improvements, our product will change the way you see installing a fence from drudgery to simplicity!

To give you an idea of the measurements, each side flange measures 2 1/4″ for maximum overlap and the center bar is 1 1/2″ which lines up perfectly with a standard 2×4 rail. The continuous hole pattern design is what makes installation easy. The design of our fence installation products allow kick boards, top caps, latticework, and more to be attached to the Z-Post with no additional hardware or brackets required.

The Z-Post can be easily hidden away with the installation of 6″ wooden fence boards. This feature allows you the freedom to give your home the visual accents you’re looking for without the hassle of installing a brand new wood panel fence from scratch. You’ll be a “good neighbor”, as you can easily place fence posts on both sides of the installed Z-Post.

The Z-Post system is sold across many locations. Use our handy “Find a Store” tool, where you can enter your zip code and find a store near you that carries the Z-Post system. We even have step by step instructions right on our site, so you can understand the installation process before you buy. DIY fence installation has never been so straightforward and simple! You can now have a wood panel fence without the “splinters” of frustration while trying to put the fence up.

The Z-Post system can withstand winds up to 73 miles per hour and comes with a 30 year limited warranty. We stand by our product 100 percent! In addition, Z-Posts allow for long-lasting gate mechanisms. The way our product works allows your gate stop to open and close easily, saving hinges from unnecessary wear and tear, in turn, extending the life of your gate. Your gates will no longer be slamming, slipping out of place, or sinking into the ground. Z-Posts make installing wood fence posts an easy task with long-lasting results. The bottom line is that Z-Posts make gates and fences last!

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